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Drains & Boats & Planes

Water is one of those continual bugbears of gardeners – we always seem to have either too little, or (more recently) too much, so you will understand why the Association is thrilled to have been awarded £15K from the Heathrow communities project to improve the drainage and water pipes on site. Ealing Council have also provided a grant which means the project is at the exciting stage of finally being able to draw up definite plans & get quotes! This will be a huge overall improvement to the site so the committee knows that plotholders will understand there’s bound to be some inconvenience, and your help may be needed as the plans come to fruition. Everyone will be updated once there’s a clear schedule, especially those whose plots may be affected.

Gardeners’ Question Time

Gardeners’ Question Time (Billets Hart/Community Gardens) was a great success – if you didn’t make it, you missed out on spadefuls of new knowledge and advice. Huge thanks to the Panel: Krysia, Jessica and Pat. There’s likely to be another one organised soon so start thinking about your questions or problems.

Any Old Iron..

The committee is keen to get rid of corrugated iron from the site – if you want to get rid of yours, it can be put by the scrap metal area near the notice board. The recent terrible weather has also caused unsecured corrugated iron roofs and so forth to blow across the site – resulting in a few near misses. If you do need to keep your corrugated iron please make sure it & any other potentially dangerous metal etc is firmly secured against storms & gales.

An Inspector Calls

On Saturday 29th March the Site Managers and Committee will be conducting the first plot and site inspection of the year. They will be walking round the site from 1030-1130 to check all is well. If you want to chat to any of the committee or site managers, or raise any concerns, this is an ideal time to do so. Hopefully by then the sun will have been shining for a few weeks and you will have been able to tackle your plots after the soggy winter!

Rules Update

The Association Members Handbook has been updated and will be sent to you in the next few weeks – please do put aside some time to read it – a lot of work has gone into making it clearer to everyone can work alongside each other to the same rules, but that’s not much good if no-one reads it! In the meantime, if in any doubt please ask!

Separately from this, the plan is to give some guidelines for keeping chickens to ensure that we maintain good practice and work within the DEFRA recommendations.

Your committee

Site Managers
(on behalf of the Charity):
Les and Angela Wallis
020 8567 6357

Committee Members:

Bridget Goodman – plot 44
John Newman – plots 49 and 60
Dave Lane – plot 43
Sandie Benbow – plots 1, 2 and 3
Sarah Weston – plots 7 and 24
Mike Bibby – plot 33 & 35
James Graham – plot 52
Steve Haskett – plot 4

To contact us, you can use the site map on the notice board and in the community shed to find out which plot is which. Or leave a message on the clipboard in the community shed.

Minutes of the last meeting
Feb 2014: Download (


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