An Overview of Grants 

There are three separate schemes :

  • The Eleemosynary Charity of William Hobbayne;
  • The Ealing Aid in Sickness Trust; and
  • The Educational Foundation of William Hobbayne.

The Charity of William Hobbayne

This charity provides grants to two distinct types of beneficiaries:

  • Families/individuals; and
  • Organisations.


  • Applications for families/individuals must be made by a sponsor, not by the proposed beneficiary.
  • Sponsors can be (but are not necessarily limited to) social services officers, members of the clergy, school teachers/administrators and medical practitioners.
  • Grants to families/individuals are aimed to help those in need hardship or distress.
  • An Application Form is (almost) always a necessity – without adequate information the Trustees will not be able to reach an appropriate conclusion.
  • Grants to families/individuals are always paid through the sponsor, never direct to the beneficiary.
  • Beneficiaries must be resident in Hanwell W7.


  • Applications from organisations must be made by an authorised official of the organisation.
  • Adequate information is again a necessity.
  • If the organisation is not located in Hanwell, the benefit to be made available to residents of Hanwell must be identified/quantified.
  • Recent recipients have included :
    • North Hanwell Baptist Church,
    • EASE,
    • St Johns Mattock Lane,
    • Volunteer Link Scheme,
    • ECIL,
    • Brentford Community Sports Trust,
    • St Thomas’ Hanwell,
    • Ealing Women’s Refuge,
    • Dementia Concern Ealing,
    • St Christopher’s YMCA,
    • Home Start,
    • Ealing Sheltered Housing Scheme, and
    • The Log Cabin.

Applications from national organisations are (almost) never considered.

The Ealing Aid in Sickness Trust

  • The information above regarding families/individuals is also relevant to EAIS.
  • EAIS is not applicable to organisations.
  • An overriding consideration is that there must be a medical condition.
  • The geographical coverage is wider than just Hanwell; it includes Perivale, Northolt, Greenford and Central Ealing (W5 and W13) but NOT Acton and Southall.

Funds available to EAIS are very limited.

The Educational Trust of William Hobbayne

  • (Almost) all applications are from Hanwell based educational establishments, scout/guide groups and cub/brownie groups in relation to some of their Hanwell resident individuals.
  • Applications from Hanwell individuals are rare.
  • Where relevant, the information supplied above regarding families/individuals also applies to The Educational Trust.
  • Recent recipients have included :
    • St Marks School (Breakfast Club),
    • South Hanwell Cubs (Camporee),
    • St Ann’s School (After School Club),
    • St Joseph’s School (Flute Lessons),
    •  Hobbayne Primary (School Trips),
    • St Marks (Hillingdon Outdoor Centre),
    • Mayfield School (Residential Trips),
    • St Marks (Coach Trips), and
    • YMCA Hanwell (Vocational Course).

Funds available to The Educational Trust are limited.

Further Information:

Greater detail on the range of assistance that can be provided  and a guide to sponsors can be obtained by contacting the charity direct – 020 8810 0277 (out of hours answerphone that is checked regularly)