Billets Hart Allotment Newsletter


** Manure

The Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre has kindly arranged to let us have access to their supply of manure.

If you would like some manure for your plot it is only available between 10:30 and 11:30am on Saturday 23 March. Please meet at the green gate in the Bunny Park car park – Church Road, W7.

The manure should be treated as fresh and so will need some time in a compost bin or bag.

Bring your own transport, bags and shovel.

Your committee

Site Managers
(on behalf of the Charity):
Les and Angela Wallis
020 8567 6357

Committee Members:

Amanda Rutkowski – plot 53
Bridget Goodman – plot 44
John Newman – plots 49 and 60
Mandy Hewitt – plots 33b and 12a
Dave Lane – plot 43
Sandie Benbow – plots 1, 2 and 3
Sarah Weston – plots 7 and 24
Mike Bibby – plot 33 & 35
James Graham – plot 52

To contact us, you can use the site map on the notice board and in the community shed to find out which plot is which. Or leave a message on the clipboard in the community shed.

Minutes of the last meeting
Feb 2013: Download (


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