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Goodgym - A lifeline for the Billet's Hart Copse

Year on year the fantastic team from the Goodgym have supported the Charity with many tasks in the community from events, green spaces, and logistics. Billet’s Hart Copse is one of our projects that they have taken to their hearts. Five years ago, the Charity planted hundreds of trees at our site on Billet’s Hart Copse. Over the last few years, the Goodgym along with corporate teams have year round cleared weeds and debris surrounding our young trees and maintained the site. This will be the last year they will need to maintain the area as it will become a wonderful natural space creating what we hope will be a lasting forest ecosystem.

Congratulations to Harvey, Goodgym Team Leader for completing his 300th Goodgym task with us on the last session. Harvey has supported so many of the Charity’s tasks and is one of our champion volunteers. We think a large portion of Harvey’s tasks have been for the Charity!

Big thank you Harvey for all your efforts and all you do for our community!

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