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We are delighted to join Ealing Wildlife Group in helping to save our swifts by offering nest boxes at the William Hobbayne Centre. Two boxes were provided by Ealing Wildlife Group and we painted them to match our building, placing them in a safe space.

High flying swifts return to the UK every year in May after the long arduous flight from central Africa. They only stay a short time in the summer, while they are here they will hopefully begin their annual nesting in our boxes. Once the parents give birth, they head back to Africa and when the young are old enough, they will also fly back to Africa. They return to the same nest every year and with loft conversions and blocked buildings they will sadly bash themselves against blocked holes desperately trying to get in. Without nests they won’t breed and that has led to a staggering decline of swifts in the UK.

We are hoping to have swifts return to our boxes every year.

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