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Grants for Families and Individuals


Applications for families/individuals must be made by a sponsor, not by the proposed beneficiary. Sponsors can be (but are not necessarily limited to);

  • social services officers,

  • ministers of religion,

  • school teachers/administrators

  • medical practitioners.

  • registered charity

  • NHS

Grants to families/individuals are aimed to help those in need, hardship or distress.  An application form is (almost) always a necessity – without adequate information the Trustees will not be able to reach an appropriate conclusion.  Grants to families/individuals are always paid through the sponsor, never direct to the beneficiary. Beneficiaries must be live in Hanwell W7.

The Ealing Aid in Sickness Trust

We offer grants to a wider geographical area however the following criteria apply

  • The applicant must be in need, hardship or distress.

  • An overriding consideration for grants from this trust is that there must be a medical condition.

  • The geographical coverage is wider than just Hanwell; it includes Perivale, Northolt, Greenford and Central Ealing (W5 and W13) but NOT Acton and Southall.

How to Apply

  • Please ensure all the information has been entered and you and your sponsor have signed the form. If your application is in relation to your child they will have to sign the application form if they are 13 years old or older. Please do ensure you signed the GDPR Declaration.

  • Your sponsor should then send the form to our office at the address below or send it securely via       e-mail to

The William Hobbayne Centre​

St Dunstans Road


London W7 2HB

  • Your sponsor MUST let us have your application 7 working days in advance of the meeting otherwise the grant application will be held until the following months meeting.

What Happens Next

  • Once we have received your grant application from your Sponsor it will be assessed.

  • The trustees meet on the second Monday of the month.  At this point they will make a decision on whether the grant can be made.

  • Any urgent applications will be reviewed by the duty trustees within five working days on a case by case basis.

  • The sponsor will then be advised of our decision, we aim to do this within five working days.

  • Delivery of goods, vouchers or payment to your sponsor will then be arranged .


The Charity cannot give grants for debts.

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