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Sponsors and Professionals

We rely on our sponsors and professionals to identify those in need in Hanwell and to  help us support them.


As part of the grant application process we rely on Sponsors to support families and individuals in their application for grants.  We expect Sponsors are to identify and confirm why the grant is needed and to give us specific information to enable us to process applications swiftly.  As a small charity we are able to react quickly when there is urgent need but we cannot do this without your help.  

Please ensure you have filled in the application form fully and that the applicant and any additional signatories, where necessary, have signed the form before you return it to the Charity.  If the applicant is requesting appliances you should  confirm they are needed (which could involve a home visit). You will need to check and tell us whether additional work such as gas fitting and plumbing is necessary. Sponsors must ensure that all landlord permissions and permits are in place if needed.

From time to time it may be necessary for the Charity to request a visit to the applicants home to support their grant application.

You can find Sponsors' Application forms  for families and individuals HERE.  If you have any questions or queries please contact or call us on 020 8810 0277.

Other Professionals

We network with organisations to help improve the community of Hanwell.  Through our work with other groups we have the ability to signpost applicants to more appropriate organisations, ensuring the best possible support is given.


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