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Hobbayne Half Acre Field

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This land was part of the original acreage that William Hobbayne donated and has remained untouched apart from a couple of decades during and after World War II when local residents grew food to feed their families.

There was a project 2015  to create a woodland management plan to maintain, improve and enhance the wood. This project has seen major changes to the condition of the wood and has seen the growth and development of fauna and flora as well as an increase in the number of animal species.

Over the last few years a number of corporate groups, community groups and local schools have been helping to clear the land and plant 400 new trees.  Children from local schools created a stag beetle loggery.

Grass Roots Forest School were given a licence to work with community groups and schools to encourage outdoor education.  They now use the wood alongside Haven Woods, who are a local community group supporting outdoor education, wellbeing sessions and yoga experiences.

Following the revitalisation of the area through the ongoing management plan, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of local residents using and enjoying the space.

The Charity continues to promote and monitor environmentally friendly usage to ensure the conservation of the woodland.

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